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Welcome to! My name is Eric Bannatyne and I am a freelance web designer from Vancouver, Canada.

I always try to follow proper Web Standards and use Valid XHTML and CSS. You can read more about that on my About page.

I design websites because it is a fun thing to do that I really enjoy. In addition to web design, I've also done some programming in Python and Java. I also know enough PHP to edit some parts of themes for WordPress and SMF.

The reason why I'm using this blog is so that I can quickly and easily add new content, and I'm doing this in the form of a WordPress blog. With this blog, I hope to learn more about web design, and to have fun!

If you have any questions or comments about a post, be sure to leave a comment. If you have any questions in general, or if you would like me to design your website for you, you can reache me via this site's Contact page, or you can just send me an email at

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