15 Fantastic Free Fonts

With any type of design, whether it's for web or print or any other type of design, it's important to use the right font. With all those free fonts that exist, it can be hard to pick out the very nice ones. There are over 9000 fonts on dafont.com alone. I've put together a list of fifteen fantastic free fonts that I really like.

  1. Bleeding Cowboys
  2. Euroference
  3. Blue Highway
  4. Angelina
  5. Mank Sans
  6. Caviar Dreams
  7. Geo Sans Light
  8. Evolution
  9. Mod
  10. cicle
  11. Alte Haas Grotesk
  12. Junction
  13. Florence Sans
  14. Dirty Ego
  15. Optumus Princeps

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