Getting Started With Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

This is a guest post by Oscar Del Ben.

Ruby on rails is a popular web framework written in Ruby that has been widely adopted in the last few years by many web developers. This post is for those who still have to try this framework and come from a different language, for example PHP.

But before talking about how to get started with ruby on rails, let's see why it would be worth it. When I switched to rails three years ago I was looking for a framework where I could express my intentions easily, without having to worry about the language and its configurations. It turned out that rails was the perfect choice.

With ruby on rails you can start a new project with one command and be productive right away. No need to spend your time configuring everything all the time. But the most powerful thing is that its back-end is written purely in Ruby. Ruby is a dynamic language which makes easy for the developer to write code that works. If you give ruby and ruby on rails a shot, I'm confident you'll never look back.

Another reason why learning ruby on rails may be wort your time is because of the market. Sure, there are lots of PHP jobs, but anyone can do them. Instead ruby on rails jobs are usually more paid and the work is usually more rewarding. I know this doesn't make sense if you haven't tried before, so you have to take my word for now.

So how do you get started with ruby on rails? The first thing you should do is visiting the download page, which also contains instructions on how to install ruby. When you have done that, I suggest you to see the creating a rails blog in 15 minutes video. Don't worry if you don't understand everything, you'll have time for that.

At this point you are ready to start creating web applications, but you probably want to follow some tutorial firsts. The following is a collection of resources to get you started with rails:

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    December 23, 2009

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