FWebDe helps people to make fantastic websites, whether you are a designer, a developer, or someone who just loves websites.

FWebDe is a blog created by a guy named Eric Bannatyne. This blog is focused on web development, design, programming, blogging, and some general tips on running a site. It is designed to be a helpful resource for web developers, bloggers, or anyone running a site.

FWebDe stands for Fantastic Web Design, because I think that web design is pretty fantastic! The reason I chose the name "FWebDe" is because it is only 6 letters long, and everything else that I though of was either too long, or already taken. I know, I'm not the best at thinking of names for things. That should be left to marketing people.

About Eric

My name is Eric Bannatyne and I am a web developer from Vancouver, Canada. I have been interested in creating web sites since I was 9.

I mainly design WordPress themes using HTML and CSS, which I use on a daily basis. Right now, I am experimenting with some new features in HTML 5 and CSS3.

I am also experienced with PHP. I put together a simple CMS using PHP, which you can read about here: Creating a PHP CMS.

I've also dabbled in JavaScript a bit, creating some cool (and useful) effects with jQuery. I am also currently learning to program in Ruby.

I also do a bit of stuff outside of web development. My first programming language was Python, and I also know a bit of Java. I know how to do a few simple things with C, but not enough to actually qualify as "experience".

I have learned a lot since I started FWebDe, and I hope to learn even more.

Get in touch

If you have a project for me, a question, or if you just want to say "hi", you can contact me via the contact page.

You can also follow me on Twitter.

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